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Preparatory Course for LCCI Level 3 Diploma in Accounting

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Qualification to be Awarded

Diploma in Accounting


Awarding Body

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), UK




London Chamber of Commerce and Industry International Qualifications (LCCI IQs) have been awarded since 1887 and are recognised by employers, governments and universities worldwide. In 2003, the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examination Board merged with Goal assessments, a pioneer in online testing, forming EDI.  

Edi has now become one of the UK's leading awarding bodies, accredited by the British government, and also work closely with Ministries of Education around the world.

There are more than 5,000 training centres, schools, colleges, universities in 103 countries offering LCCI International Qualifications, and every year approximately 250,000 students choose the qualifications to further their professional and academic careers.

About the Qualification

Students who pass Accounting, Cost Accounting and Management Accounting in the same seating or 2 seating within 3 months, can combine the individual certificates for the Diploma in Accounting.

Aims of the Qualification

The aims of this qualification are to enable candidates to develop:
  • an understanding of the basic principles underlying the recording of business transactions
  • the ability to apply the principles of decision making
  • the ability to critically analyse information for both short term and long term decision making
  • the ability to use management accounting information for the purpose of planning and control of cash and other resources within business organisations and an understanding of factors affecting the plaaning and control process
  • an understaning of business performance measures, and the relevance and impact of transfer pricing
  • an understanding of advanced aspects of the processing of cost accounting information, including stock control
  • a detailed understanding of how cost accounting information can be used for the purposes of short-term planning, control and decision making within business organisations
  • the ability to apply this understanding in a variety of business settings

Course Duration

Part-Time: 8.25 months

Course Delivery

The course will be delivered on a part-time basis in 62 lessons of 3 hours each.

The course is wholly delivered in Singapore. Students will have access to local tutors and resources provided by Uptrend College. Resources and materials provided for students will include lecture notes and references for reading in books, professional journals, articles and websites.

Average Teacher to Student Ratio


Course Topics

Financial Accounting
This qualification is suitable for candidates who are working, or preparing to work, in an advanced accountancy role with a high degree of autonomy where they will be required to produce and interpret financcial statements in compliance with Statements of Standard Accounting Practice (SSAPs) and Financial Reporting Standards (FRS).

  • Levels 1 and 2 Revisited

  • Valuation of Stocks

  • Valuation of Fixed Assets

  • Partnerships

  • Companies

  • Accounting for Groups of Companies

  • Cash Flow Statements

  • Accounting Ratios

  • Budgetary Control

  • Introduction to Decision Making

  • Concepts and Accounting Framework

*  Taxation, in all its forms, is excluded from this syllabus

Management Accounting
This qualification is suitable for candidates who are working, or aspiring to work, in an autonomous job role which requires them to prepare and present financial and other decision oriented information. The complex business world of today makes Management Accounting a necessity for all types of managers. Organisations must attempt to acquire and utilise their resources in the best way possible, and managers need reliable accounting data to anticipate the future and control day-to-day activity.

  • Short Term Cost Behaviour
  • Cost/Volume/Profit (CVP) Analysis
  • Short Term Decision Making
  • Budgetary Planning and Control
  • Cash and Working Capital Management
  • Standard Costing and Variances
  • Long Term Decision Making
  • Performance Evaluation and Transfer Pricing

Cost Accounting
This qualification is suitable for candidates who are working in a cost accounting environment at a level that required some depth of cost accounting knowledge and skills, as well as a basic understanding of cost accounting principles and practice.

  • Materials and Stock Control

  • Costing Methods and Systems

  • Cost/Volume/Profit (CVP) Analysis

  • Budgetary Planning and Control

  • Standard Costing and Variances

  • Accounting Systems


Entry Criteria

Level 2 Certificate in Book-Keeping & Accounts or equivalent

Assessment Mode

100% Examination Based

Examination Period

April / June / November / On Demand

Award Criteria

  • Individual Certificate (FOC) will be awarded for each subject passed (50% mark)

  • Diploma in Accounting – Students must pass all 3 subjects in same seating or 2 seating within 3 months

  • Diploma in Business Studies -  Students are to pass Accounting, Cost Accounting and Management Accounting within 12 months

  • Diploma in Computerised Accounting – Students must pass Accounting, Computerised Accounting and either Cost Accounting or Management Accounting within 24 months

  • Student must combine the Diploma within 12 months upon receiving all relevant individual subject certificates and pay a combined certificate fee of $100 (inclusive of GST) for each Diploma

Application Fee     S$30 
Course Fee           : S$2,498
Materials Fee     S$150 
Textbooks     S$118 
Examination Fee : S$525
Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)  : S$45

All above fees are subject to 7% GST charges.

Fees may change periodically without prior notice. 


Last Updated: 20 January 2013

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