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EduTrust Certification

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EduTrust is a voluntary certification scheme for private education institutions (PEIs) in Singapore. The EduTrust certification scheme provides a trust mark of quality. Private education institutions need to achieve higher and more comprehensive standards in their corporate governance and administration, academic processes, student protection and support services, and financial viability. The EduTrust certification scheme enables them to differentiate themselves as of a higher quality by achieving certification awards that correspond to their standards in these key areas of management and student services. The award is given to Private Educational Institutions (PEIs) in Singapore for the attainment of academic excellence and the best business practices. A private education institution is awarded EduTrust certification if it has achieved the stipulated standards in the areas of:

• Management of the school;

• Provision of educational services; and

• Financial health.


Uptrend College has been awarded the EduTrust provisional certification from the Council for Private Education.


Benefit of Quality Assurance if you Choose to Study in an EduTrust-Certified Private Education Institution

An EduTrust-certified private education institution is one that has been assessed by the Council for Private Education and found to have attained the stipulated standards for the following criteria:

Academic processes

  • The private education institution has processes in place to ensure that the courses it offers are of high quality, and meets the needs and expectations of its students and the industry.

Assessment of students

  • The private education institution monitors the progress of its students by using the most appropriate methods of assessment to achieve the desired course outcomes.

Recruitment of teaching staff

  • The private education institution selects and recruits the most appropriate teaching staff to deliver the courses to achieve its educational goals.

Student Welfare and support services

The private education institution:

  • Provides support services to meet the needs of its students;
  • Creates a conducive environment for students to focus on their academic studies; and
  • Provides compulsory medical insurance coverage to cover all the students for hospitalisation throughout their course duration.

Resources and facilities

  • The private education institution manages its resources, facilities, infrastructure and environment optimally to support its educational goals and provide for continual improvement and growth.

Selection, management and monitoring of agents

The private education institution:

  • Selects, manages and monitors its local and overseas external recruitment agents effectively to ensure that the agents continue to deliver quality and ethical services, and
  • Ensures that its agents do not engage in any misrepresentation and unethical practices.

Student protection

The private education institution:

  • Provides student protection through clear and transparent contracts between the private education institution and the student;
  • Sets clear and fair refund policies for transfers and withdrawals; and
  • Provides for the protection of students' fees through the Fee Protection Scheme (escrow bank account or insurance scheme).

Financial health

  • The private education institution maintains a reasonable financial health and credit rating.